How to Find a REALTOR® in Vancouver Who Can Help You Invest in Real Estate

Dated: March 22 2020

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Finding a realtor for investment real estate transactions is much more difficult than finding a realtor for selling or buying real estate for purpose of living. Real estate investing, unlike selling or buying, works differently therefore, requires special knowledge and skills that not every realtor in Vancouver has.

If you are thinking about investing in real estate, then first you need to find the right agent and the right market!

Finding the Right Investor-Focused Realtor

An agent who understands investing should have the following qualities:

Stress resistance and tenacity

The process of investing in real estate involves sending many offers, and often - on the same day. Not all agents are able to work in this mode, because this requires a certain courage and perseverance, as with investing there are often a lot of negative news from sellers and their agents. Realtors who are used to working in "greenhouse conditions" are definitely not for you.

Personal Experience Investing in Real Estate

Ideally, you need an agent who has invested money in real estate. The amount of investment is not important here, the main thing is that your agent has an independent investment experience, then he or she will understand your motives, desires and in general it will be easier for you to work with them.

Investor Experience

When you try to make money buying real estate, an experienced agent becomes a vital necessity for you. It is better if you find an agent who has already worked with other investors, because experience plays a key role on the path to success! If for one reason or another you have hired a beginner realtor, then be prepared for the fact that you might have to do way more guidance.

Good Reputation Among Investors

If a realtor has experience, he or she should have recommendations. Be sure to call all the numbers indicated in the recommendations of the realtor. Of course, not all real estate investments are successful or the same. People who have lost money as a result of the transaction can give negative feedback, even if the realtor is not responsible for the losses incurred. Nevertheless, you are likely to get enough information to understand whether criticism is caused by the unsatisfactory work of a realtor or the unpredictable turns of the real estate market.


Look for an agent who will be honest with you. If it's uncomfortable for an agent to send out low-price purchase offers to sellers, he will tell you about it. An honest agent will immediately explain to you what he or she is ready to do, helping you in the investment process. Some realtors will gladly take up houses that have undergone alteration (flipping), while others prefer a more stable cheme of buying and owning (renting). The best agent for you will be the one who from the very beginning will reveal all of their cards, leaving you to decide whether to work with him or her on their terms or continue with your search. Honesty is very important in business and should always be a priority when choosing an agent to invest with.

Local Market Knowledge

Knowing the local market is one of the main reasons why you are looking for an agent. To make a profit, you need to find a situation on the market in which you could buy cheap and sell expensive. Perhaps the situation favorable for investment transactions will not be in your hometown, so you need a person who keeps abreast of it in the local market where the situation is favorable for investment. A local realtor will help you avoid contacts with scammers who will not miss the opportunity to screw over unsuspecting investors. 

Summary : You must find not just a good specialist, but a specialist who knows in depth the local market of your future transaction.


No realtor can give you guarantee that your investment in real estate will be successful. It is worth remembering that you can significantly increase your chances or making a profit by choosing an experienced realtor in the right local market. I hope that this guide will help you find the best investment agent for your future transactions. Remember that you should not rush into real estate investing!

For all your Vancouver real estate investment needs please contact me : Momo Kanev (778) 996-7003

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