Indisputable Advantages That Come With Moving to Fraser Valley

Dated: March 22 2020

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Image of Townhouses in a Suburban Area. Source : Unsplash

Statistics show that Vancouverities, trying to improve their living conditions, are increasingly choosing suburban real estate in Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, rather than buying an apartment in the city. This trend is not surprising : with the same purchase budget, suburban housing allows you to increase living space, and also has a number of other advantages.

To date the cost of a new condo in a new building in the popular areas in Vancouver is on average 500 thousand to 1 million canadian dollars for a one bedroom apartment. In this case, the total area of the apartment will be about 500-700 square feet. A good option for bachelors or young professional couples, but for families with children, this apartment will be cramped. The cost of apartments that are over 800 square feet is already comparable to the cost of a townhouse or a detached single house only 30 minutes away from Vancouver. Moreover, the area of the townhouse or single house will be 200-400 square feet more than teh area of a typical one-bedroom apartment. This is the main reason why most first time homebuyers and young families began to prefer suburban townhouses. What are the benefits for residents of Vancouver after moving to a townhouse in the Fraser Valley?

Increased Housing Area

Buying a typical townhouse with an attic floor, buyers get more spacious living space, free layouts and the opportunity to organize a comfortable space for the whole family. As noted above, the smallest townhouse in Langley starts at 1200-1400 sq ft.

Land in front of the house

In front of the house (and if the townhouse is corner it could be surrounded on all 3 sides) there is almost always a small piece of land on which you can place chairs, table and build a nice summer terrace, a baerbecuq area or a playground. In addition, the management company of the strata will make sure that there are always beautiful plants growing around your townhouse.

Relaxed Environment and Clean Air

Living in Langley, Maple Ridge or Surrey, away from the hustle and the busy daily life of the metropolis guarantees a lower level of everyday stress. Often the environment is much better than that in Vancouver, which in turn has a positive effect on the health of the local residents.

This is not the first year that I have been observing Vancouverities activity in the suburban real estate market; they are choosing townhouses and detached single houses for permanent living outside of Vancouvers' busy life. Most often, this type of housing is in great demand among freelancers, entrepreneurs and young families - generally people whose work schedule is more flexible. When choosing housing these young individuals and families focus on comfort, spacious environment, availability of everything necessary for their children.

Comparing the options offered by urban and suburban developers, buyers are increasingly aware that buying property in Langley or Maple Ridge has much more advantages. Finding the perfect townhouse or detached house - they understand that life in such places is quite positive and moving out of the big city is the right decision. I would like to emphasize that this trend will only gain momentum in the coming years.

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