Tips for selling your home during the winter season

Dated: April 12 2020

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Tips for selling your home during the winter season

Each season hides its beauty and plays an important role in the "life" of the property. However, how in the winter can you make your property brighter, warmer and ready for sale? Here is my next warm dose of advice.

1. The snow around the house

Thoroughly clear the areas around the house that are visible and important for walking to the entrance. Sprinkle with salt the path to the house, clear the alley and sidewalks around the house with a shovel. Make it accessible and safe not only for you, but also for the people you expect to visit your house.

2. Warmth and coziness

Try to provide warmth when looking at buyers. However, everyone is looking for a home to feel good about, and warmth is definitely something that provides the coziness everyone needs during the winter weeks.

3. Natural light

Thoroughly clean the blinds and curtains and open them wide to allow as much natural light as possible.

Clean all lamps and built-in luminaires. Replace old bulbs with new, energy-saving ones.

If exposure to the property does not allow the entry of natural light, try masking with small lamps, candle holders and anything that will remain unobtrusive to the eye but contributing to the light and atmosphere of your home.

4. Clean the windows

The first impression is the most important! The light can reveal the heavily soiled parts of the windows, especially the winter sun with the southern exposure of the property. Wash the windows well to show that the property is maintained not only during spring and autumn cleanings.

5. Ambient music

To create a little atmosphere, play ambient music, classics or jazz, depending on the atmosphere in your home. Something soothing against the backdrop of a fire in the fireplace. When it is so cozy, buyers will want to stay longer and not rush through the property. Make them feel good. Like they have just found their new home.

6. Convenience

Prepare the "scene" to make buyers feel at home as they can build serenity and happy moments. A warm blanket casually laid on the couch, quiet music, soft warmth. Emphasize the small details to complete the plot in your favor.

Walk them around the stage, tell them how and in which places you rested. Tell a happy family story. Make them feel proud and confident that they can be the new owners of the property.

7. The positive aspects of winter

Be sure to mention the transportation in the area, important key places nearb such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, shops and more.

8. A note of celebration

Even if you don't have an occasion for the holiday, make the buyers feel welcome. Arrange the table with porcelain and silver, offer a cup of tea, hot chocolate and why not homemade sweets.

9. Christmas spirit

Winter is still the season of holidays, family hearths and coziness. Decorate your home with gums, make it more festive, moody, warm and happy.

And why not greet buyers with a snowman in the garden in front of your home? However, there is already snow outside.

Was my advice helpful? If you are still looking for buyers of your property or you are the ones who are in the role of buyers, I am at your services to give you the best offers for the sale of your home during the winter season and not only! Call me now at (778) 996-7003 or email me at

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